Transformation STARTS with Food. Your 6-week challenge starts Monday September 24th!

JOIN US: September 24th thru Nov 2nd


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  • Unlike Any Challenge—Ever! We provide you a meal plan
  • Do it solo or get your friends to join for an incredible group support!
  • Do what it takes to help you accomplish your goals!


  • You want to experience macro-based clean eating
  • You want to take your weight-loss efforts to the next level
  • You are tired of feeling tired, tired of feeling sick
  • You have no clear direction on where to start with clean eating
  • You are confused by the amounts of protein, complex carbs vegetables you should be eating

The #TransformIN6 Challenge will bring you back to life!

  • Personalize your challenge with a CUSTOMIZED WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLAN from #beMarthaFit Founder and Head Coach Martha VanCamp
  • Receive the full support of all other challengers and the #beMarthaFit Coaches. Each participant will be assigned a coach
  • Make incredible friends
  • Eat GREAT GREAT food and feel amazing
  • Daily TIPS and TRICKS from Head Coach, Martha
  • 3 optional workouts each week. Workouts for legs, upper body and core
  • Sit back and watch the TRANSFORMATION BEGIN!

Client Transformations


What’s a challenge without a prize? We don’t know, because that just wouldn’t be any FUN!

(And if you’re one of those that hates competition but just wants to use #TransformIN6 as added accountability, we get that too–no worries, you don’t have to be assigned a category. But hey if you wanna win some cash, you need to be part of one of the below categories.)

Participants will be divided into one of two categories


So you’ll be competing in a category with someone with a similar build as you. The winners are NOT determined by the number on the scale or weight lost.



1. Before Pictures
You are responsible for taking your BEFORE pictures–full body, in tight fitting clothing (consider outside for good lighting). You will want to take full body FRONT, full body BACK and full body SIDE pictures. You will take these three pictures the morning of September 24th. You will need to have that days newspaper in the background so we can verify the date. Yes, it can be a print out of an online paper. I mean really, who gets the paper delivered to their home anymore.
2. After Pictures
You are responsible for taking your AFTER pictures on November 2nd. You will also need to have a newspaper displayed in that picture
3. Collage Them
You will collage your pictures using a downloadable app to your phone. You will collage the front pictures together, the side pictures together and the back pictures together. And you will submit those pictures via a specific email address no later than 12noon ET on November 3rd.

Winners will be announced as follows:

  • First place: Lean Build Wins $250 //Second place gift card $50
  • First place: Biggest Transformation Wins $250 //Second place gift card $50

Remember, you are only judged by your pictures….we do NOT care what the silly scale says!


Winners will be announced on a FB LIVE on Friday November 9th.

I'm New and READY

You are probably feeling nervous & excited. Well, you can totally chill, because we got you! We will hold your hand the entire time.


Registration Cost for MEAL PLAN and Challenge: $150

  • Step 3:

    JOIN us for one of our LIVE EVENTS on the VIP support page. During this LIVE you will be walked step-by-step on how to receive your customized food plan for the challenge. LIVE EVENTS will be held on the VIP support page on Friday September 21st at 6pm ET and Sunday September 23rd at 12noon ET. You only have to attend one time. YOU CANNOT MISS ONE OF THESE LIVE EVENTS OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR FOOD PLAN.

Ready To

Registration Cost: $70 for the 6 week challenge
You will register with the Register link here after checking box below stating you have reviewed and are accepting the rules, terms and conditions of this Transform In 6 Challenge. Remember, you already have a meal plan YOU want to use from #beMarthaFit, so you are simply registering to be a member of the challenge.

Request to be a part of our closed TRANSFORMin6 support page that will help you get the most out of this challenge. Click Below:

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